Warranty Conditions

Device and parts warranty

The device is guaranteed for 18 months from the date of activation and valid purchase invoice for manufacturing defects.
Device replacement conditions

The device is eligible for replacement for 7 days from the date of activation and valid purchase invoice, if there is a hardware defect due to manufacturing.

Device battery warranty conditions

1) Devices with an external battery are under warranty for 6 months from the date of activation of the device and a valid purchase invoice.

2) Devices with internal battery are under warranty for 18 months from the date of device activation and valid purchase invoice, according to the device warranty.

Items that exclude the device from warranty

1) Contact or infiltration of liquids and moisture into the device.

2) Any physical damage such as dents, bumps, scratches, breaks, incorrect and unusual use of the product and other similar cases as determined by the experts of this center.

3) Opening or repairing and replacing parts by unauthorized persons.

4) Installing unauthorized software and rooting the device which, according to the experts of this center, has led to damage to the device.

5) Using non-original accessories.

6) Electrical fluctuations that cause damage to the device.

7) In case of some hardware or software problems, customer information is not guaranteed.

8) Providing a valid purchase invoice and warranty card is required to provide all services.

Valid invoice terms

1) It has a letterhead, store seal and seller’s signature.

2) The exact address of the store and contact number should be included.

3) The customer’s name must be included in the purchase invoice.

4) The invoice is not distorted and without scratches.

5) The date must be inserted.

6) The complete information of the device should be included in the invoice. (model, IMEI)

Tejarat Hamrah Houshmand Pars (Parsiatel)